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Our Room


BUBBLES ROOM ( 0 - 16 Months )

We understand the importance of individual routines at this age and work closely with parents/carers to ensure a personal approach for each child. At this age play and learning is very exploratory and discovery based with all five senses involved.


      In Bubbles you will see:

  • Treasure baskets encouraging children’s natural curiosity investigating real life items.
  • The children learning how things look, feel, taste, smell and sound.
  • Messy play – sand, gloop, water, play dough.
  • Books and songs
  • Exploring the outside world – watching the cars, listening to birds singing.
  • Physical time – tummy time, developing balance and control
  • Opportunities to explore and interact with other childre


Busy Bees ( 16 - 26 Months )

By this age most children are confident and competent toddlers developing their own social skills and language abilities to communicate their wants and needs as they begin to interact with other children and key people. Communication skills are supported through regular opportunities as we help them to become confident talkers. We enable the children to explore and interact with other children as well as supporting their fine and gross motor skills.


 Footprints ( 26-  32 Months )

We work in getting the balance of rest and play right for your child which is key to their learning and development, children always have the option of having a sleep when needed. We support increasing independence during potty training and hand washing building on their self-esteem, including them in decision making and valuing their opinions.


Explorers and adventurers ( 32 - 40 Months & 40 - 60 Months )

As part of our free flowing environment children can access activities across the two rooms. The personalize planning continues by working in partnership with parents with the aim of giving each child the necessary skills and experiences for a flying start when they leave nursery and start school. The children’s Key Worker will arrange school visits for the children and will invite
the new teachers to visit our setting to meet with the children.









Our Location

Ducklings Childcare
HUDDERSFIELD, West Yorkshire,

Our Activities

Ducklings Childcare offer a wide range of unique activities and extras to enrich every child’s experience at nursery and to support busy parents...


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