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Meal Times

A healthy balanced diet is provided in our 5 stars on the door kitchen. Our qualified Nursery Chef works with the children to plan out the week’s menu. We are a nut free nursery and all our ingredients used in the preparation of food is locally sourced. Breakfast is usually cereal, bagels, toast, croissants or fruit bread.

Lunch is served at 12.00pm.  The children have a choice of a meat option or a vegetarian option which is usually accompanied with potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables and salad.  They also have the choice of a home made dessert or fresh fruit.  All the staff have the same choices and eat lunch sat at the tables with the children. Meal times are an especially social time with small groups sitting together with key people in a family table arrangement. 

A snack plate is offered at 9.45am and 2.15pm consisting of up to 6 different fresh fruits, previously children have helped to prepare this and then self select from the snack plate but due to the current situation this is now prepared in the kitchen and served in individual bowls to minimise any cross contamination.  We only offer water or milk as drinks in the setting. We cater for all dietary requirements and children with allergies have their own kitchen cupboards and shelves in the fridge, their food is prepared separately to avoid any cross contamination. 

Each room has their own colour co-ordinated crockery and cutlery depending on their ages and stage of development.  

Bubbles room - has divider plates and bowls, child friendly spoons and forks and cups with lids and handles

Busy Bees - have temperature regulated plates and toddler friendly forks and spoons and cups with lids and handles

Footprints  - square plates and bowls and child friendly knives, forks and spoons, they have cups with handles and progress to beakers.

Explorers - round plates and bowls, knives, forks and spoons and beakers with no handles or lids

Adventurers - ceramic plates and bowls, stainless steel knives, forks and spoons and glasses

A Typical day, Our nursery day is carefully planned to give a balance of adult-led and child-led activities. We try to adapt the planned activities to individual children in order to reflect their particular skills, interests and development needs. Forward planning of activities in each room is informed through the children’s identified next steps and their current interests. Whilst there is a statutory need to record and monitor progress we also need to ensure that this process doesn’t get in the way of actually interacting and playing with the children.

Since May 2017 we have been using an electronic system called LConnect which allows staff to capture a photo, video or a voice recording as well as written notes using a tablet computer. These observations are then uploaded to a secure web-based leaning journey to which you as a parent/carer also have access to. All data is held in encrypted form and is accessed subject to a secure login and password. The only people who can access a child’s learning journey are the relevant nursery people and the child’s parents or carers. 

This also helps us to support our partnerships with parents because parents can contribute their own photos, observations and thoughts to the learning journey, which also helps us to plan for individual children’s development and of course is a wonderful keepsake. This technology also supports a daily record of food, milk, drinks, sleeps and nappy changes.

A Typical day

A typical day is a flexible one with children being encouraged to choose their own activities from the range on offer. We feel that children learn best in a warm, safe and stimulating environment where self-independence and creativity are fostered. In the morning we have wake up shake up and group story and song time where all the children in the nursery socialise together with the staff. After morning snack we usually have our one to one or small group activities. Children are able to access the indoors and outdoors throughout the day.

A Typical day continued

Throughout the day children spend some one to one time with their keyworker and their mark making and number books. Our commitment is to have the children at the heart of all we do in partnership with parents and carers.

What to bring

For babies we ask that you supply nappies. We will supply wipes and cream. If your baby is having formulae milk throughout the day this should be supplied, we will supply bottles. Following the latest advice bottles will be made up fresh for each baby as required. For all children you need to supply at least one spare change of clothes. These should be named and in a small rucksack please refrain from using carrier bags or drawstring bags due to the possibility of suffocation or strangulation, this will be kept on your child’s peg. As we access the outside area daily it is important that children bring clothing suitable for the weather such as warm coats, gloves, wellingtons and sunhats. We will supply sun cream unless a parent prefers to supply their own in
which case it should be in the original container and clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Policies and Procedures

We have available for all parents copies of our safeguarding and Complaints/Compliments policies. Each room has a copy of all our policies and procedures and there are also copies in the main area. Parents are welcome to have copies of all the policies and procedures if they request them.


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Our Activities

Ducklings Childcare offer a wide range of unique activities and extras to enrich every child’s experience at nursery and to support busy parents...


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